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Sturdy, hand-stitched, 100% cotton bag with brass zipper
25 G Goldenrod & Comfrey Salve
30 G Gentle Cleanser Antiseptic
15 ML Immunity Tincture
10 ML Headache Relief Roll-On
15 Esprit Energy Pills
15 Stomach Tonic Pills

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The Herbaist's First Aid Kit is a thoughtful collection of products to aid you on any sort of adventure from a back packing trip, to a day hike, to a plane ride, to everyday in-the-home use. Each item is prepared with the wisdom of plants, using their well-known benifits to replace the pharmaceutical alternative. The goal is to cure gently, balance the body, to aid, and to never impose.

GOLDENROD & COMFREY SALVE 25 G a healing salve for cuts, burns, scrapes, as well as cracked and dry skin. apply to clean wounds and burns to aid in repair and to protect from further infiltration of dirt and bacteria. Use on desperate cracked and dry skin to nourish and moisturize the most weathered hands and feet. INGREDIENTS local wildflower beeswax •safflower oil ∆comfrey ∆goldenrod ∆white willow bark ∆st. john's wort •chamomile vitamin e oil rosemary extract

GENTLE CLEANSER with aloe and witch hazel 30 G a muti-purpose, alcohol-free anti-sepctic to clean wounds, soothe burns, and wash off street-car grime. This cleanser won't dry out skin, or make you smell like the cheaper dollar store version. INGREDIENTS aloe vera juice •witch hazel distillate •rosemary oil •tea tree oil •lavender oil •vegetable glycerin grapefruit seed extract rosemary extract

IMMUNITY TINCTURE 15 ML An immune-boosting, anti-cold remedy for all type of bodily fatigue & burn-out. The IMMUNITY TINCTURE is made with 80-proof Canadian Gin infused with wild botanicals from the Yukon. We further infuse it with locally-sourced propolies and a combination of well-known immune boosting herbs for 2 months. This creates a potent tincture that you can never take too much off like other medicine. INGREDIENTS Canadian wildflower gin (80 proof) ∆elderberries ∆goldenrod •astralagus ∆pau d'arco local wildflower propolis

HEADACHE RELIEF ROLL-ON 10 ML made with a powerful combination of essential oils and magnesium oil. Just roll onto temples and back of neck and massage into the skin. Useful for mild to medium headaches, but may not be the answer to migraines INGREDIENTS •safflower oil •Japanese peppermint oil •lavender oil •chamomile oil •cajeput oil •vetiver resin magnesium oil

ESPRIT herbal energy pill 15 X 255 MG a mental & physical energy boost minus the burnout. ESPRIT is a combination of finely ground, high quality plant extracts in a vegan capsule for midday slumps, long work weeks, jet-leg, and all-nighters. we don't suggest trading in your morning coffee ritual; we suggest adding to it with a caffiene-free full body tonic. INGREDIENTS raw maca root rhodiola root ginko biloba gotu kola alkalized cacao matcha siberian ginseng spirilina 100% organic, vegan, & gluten-free capsule is made of pine and poplar cellulose

STOMACH TONIC herbal aid for indigestion and upset 15 X 255 MG an herbal remedy for upset stomach, indigestion, intestinal discomfort, heart-burn and bloat. We've combined the best all-natural solutions all types of stomach un-ease and created a remedy that can only help, and never hurt. INGREDIENTS ginger cinnamon chamomile fennel peppermint fenugreek marshmallow root licorice root black horehound 100 % organic, vegan, & gluten-free capsule is made of pine and poplar cellulose

•organic ∆wild