Workshop: Colour, Mood & Plant-Based Dyeing

Workshop: Colour, Mood & Plant-Based Dyeing


An introduction to plant-based dyeing using locally foraged plant matter, mordants, and natural fabrics like cotton and silk.

Mary is an art therapist who has perfected the art of natural dyeing techniques.

She will discuss the role of color and creativity on mood and show us simple ways to create your own unique patterns and prints with bundle dyeing using local plant materials and natural fabrics.

You will get to take home your own creation using the fabric and plant materials provided in the workshop.

You are also welcome to bring your own undyed, natural fabric (cotton, silk, linen, wool, viscose) and plant materials if you’d like to experiment further with items that are dear to you!

Sunday January 27th: 5:30-7/7:30pm

Ritual Apothecary: 196 Charlotte St.

snacks and refreshments provided

materials for dyeing provided.

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Let's bring some colour into the winter greys by learning a couple of basic plant-based dyeing techniques!

We will discuss local and easily attainable plants for bundle dyeing and repurposing, as well as the impact of colour on mood.

Natural fabrics and plants to play with colour will be provided.

We're looking forward to creating with you!

PM us or talk to us in shop if you have any questions.