Winter Healing Workshop: Immune Support & Cold/Flu Remedies.

Winter Healing Workshop: Immune Support & Cold/Flu Remedies.


A series of workshops based on holding one’s heart, mind, and body through the throes of the winter season. We don’t want to negate winter’s beauty and wisdom, we want to embrace it and work with it; to soothe, rest, repair, support, be gentle, learn together, and sometimes get out into the beautiful wilderness right at our doorstep.

This second workshop will be a discussion on antidotes and relief for common cold symptoms, as well as ways to support our body’s immune, respiratory, and circulatory system.

we will discuss the huge difference between a cold and the flu and how to assist your body through both illnesses..

You’ll learn to make an Elderberry syrup/elixir, an aromatic chest rub, and customize a healing tea for your own needs. 

you’ll take home;

-60ml of elderberry syrup

-2oz chest rub

-10 herbal teas

Join us on Sunday, Dec 9 5:30-7pm

We can't wait to see you.

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