WHEN: April 28th
6:30-7:30 pm

WHERE: Ritual Apothecary K9J 2T8

HOSTED BY: Dr. Laura Anderson ND
1 hour workshop on why you need to detox and how you can start to implement it this Spring

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  1. Detoxing/Cleansing - the myths

  2. A healthful detox and why we need to do it

  3. Strategies to get you detoxing healthfully!

    a. Workbook and participants develop their customized plan

    b. Product to take home and how to use it.

Take home a notebook that you develop throughout the talk with steps to create your own personalized everyday detox with the aid of Dr. Anderson’s expertise.

Take home these detoxing products from The Willow’s Bark:

Herbal Cleansing Tea
Atonement Powder
Green Clay Mask

Dr. Laura Anderson ND is a board certified naturopathic doctor who has been practicing for 9 years in Peterborough. Laura has maintained a private practice in addition to teaching at Fleming College as a part time Science professor in the subjects of Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for 2 years and  as the naturopath at Trent University Health Services for 5 years.

Dr. Anderson has a special interest in helping women navigate their health and hormones to beat the burnout out and handle stress through natural therapies that restore and correct physiological functioning.